[uf-discuss] multiple hatom feeds in one document.. can it work?

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Mon May 8 15:58:55 PDT 2006

Its something that's kinda been in the back of my mind for a little 
bit, and I need to do more thinking on it myself, but figured since I 
haven't had time I'd throw the question out to the group.

Can multiple hatom feeds in 1 (x)html document "work"?

Yes, they can be spec'd. Yes they can be marked up. But can they be 
used and consumed in any way that doesn't create a real mess of things?

Maybe its a limitation in my imagination or simply trying to solve the 
problem inside of my current workflow/toolset, but I'm having trouble 
seeing how a consistent and direct method of differentiating the feeds 
and pointing to one feed explicitly can be derived from the current 

I don't see it entirely different from having to provide some UI to 
select from multiple traditional feeds found via link elements, but 
there is enough different both in discovery and in consumption of the 
feed afterwards (particularly the consuming the entire document part) 
that I question how much work needs to be done beyond the task of 
extracting a handle to the hfeed'd elements.

Someone want to take a stab at outlining a scenario for how a user 
might go about subscribing to only 1 feed on a page with 2 hatom feeds? 
Or how a feed reader might handle being given a URL of an html document 
with 2 hfeed structures (what if one is left out and assumed to be the 
body as per spec?)

Or maybe this is better tackled by first seeing a few sample docs that 
can be mulled over.... hmmm


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