[uf-discuss] Microtemplates

Stephen Farrell sfarrell at almaden.ibm.com
Thu May 11 16:19:57 PDT 2006

Hey folks,

I'm scrambling to get my web site up and some examples debugged on 
firefox and ie.  It looks ok now.

Tantek said to introduce myself:  I'm at IBM Research in San Jose, and 
am working on some projects related to activity management and social 
networking.  I just started blogging externally at http://smackman.com.

Microtemplates are inspired by microformats, but tell how to format data 
rather than how to understand it.  The nice thing is that microtemplates 
/produce/ microformats, at least they can if the schemas line up.  I've 
gotten a BSD-licensed implementation up for people to try out (though I 
just noticed a trivial bug in it that breaks IE.)  There's a lot more 
details at the web site....

Scott Reynen wrote:
> Someone from this community should probably be paying attention to this:
> http://microtemplates.org/
> I believe Steve is on this list.
> Peace,
> Scott
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