[uf-discuss] Accessibility and using the abbr element in hCalendar...

Stephen Farrell sfarrell at almaden.ibm.com
Wed May 17 07:20:51 PDT 2006

I was thinking about something related -- but the goal is to show dates 
in the users timezone.  It would work by walking the DOM and looking for 
dates encoded this way.  See 

I wonder how doing something like this would inter-operate with 
screenreaders?  Do they walk the DOM after scripts have run?  Or do they 
  parse the HTML themselves?

Peter Krantz wrote:
> On 5/17/06, Scott Reynen <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:r>
>> Not exactly.  According to the specification, you are supposed to
>> follow ISO 8601, which allows optional hyphens and colons (and maybe
>> other characters? I'm not sure), like so:
>> <abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-05-17T12:00">May 17, 2006 - 12:00</
>> abbr>
>> Other than the T, I would think that should be comprehensible when
>> read aloud.
> Ah, this looks (and sounds) better. Now, if only I was able to change
> the T to " at " all would be well.
> Regards,
> Peter
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