[uf-discuss] Quick question about vtodo

Michael McCracken michael.mccracken at gmail.com
Sun May 21 23:01:31 PDT 2006

In coming up with my CFP example, I was a little confused by this
piece of XHTML found via the wiki. It's the list of CFPs in vtodo
format found at <http://pi1.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/cfps>.

<dl class="vcalendar">
<dt class="vtodo"><span class="dtstamp">2006-05-29</span></dt>
<dd><a href="http://www.crysys.hu/ESAS2006/" class="url"><span
class="summmary">Third European Workshop on Security and Privacy in Ad
hoc and Sensor Networks(ESAS 2006)</span></a>,
<span class="location">Hamburg</span>&nbsp;<a
href="/cfps/show/81/icalendar.ics" title="Add this event to your local
calendar"><img src='/images/iCalDownload.png'/></a>
</dd> ... </dl>
Is it correct to have the 'vtodo' class on the 'dt' tag here, and not
on a tag that contains all the other tags that describe the todo?
Because I wasn't sure, in my example I did this instead:
<div class="vtodo"><span class="dtstamp">...</span><span


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