[uf-discuss] vote-for

David Osolkowski qidydl at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 08:16:17 PST 2006

You can't use vote-for for this, because vote-for already has defined
semantics; it represents a vote that has been cast, not the ability to
cast a vote.  It's already possible to use vote-for in both rel and
rev; one indicates that the current page is a vote for the link
destination, the other indicates that the link destination is a vote
for the current page.  I think the latter is not be considered
authoritative.  If you want to say this page provides a polling place,
chose an attribute value that makes sense for that.  Design for humans
first, after all.

Using the previously suggested scenario, "Page A is a place where you
can create a vote for Page B, i.e. a polling place", you could have
these links:

On page A: <a href="pageB" rel="poll">The page being voted on</a>
On page B: <a href="pageA" rev="poll">Vote for this page here</a>

The first link says "the current page (page A) is a poll for the
destination of this link (page B)."  The second link says "the linked
page (page A) is a poll for this page (page B)."  I'm not suggesting
"poll" as the actual value to use, however; at least some research
should be done to see if there's a widely-used term that would be more

- David

On 10/31/06, Siegfried Gipp <siegfried at rorkvell.de> wrote:
> Hmmm, why not? Microformats do already define, that the XXX attribute with the
> value of YYY does have meaning ZZZ. So in this case microformats has already
> defined that the rev attribute with the value "vote-for" has some special
> meaning. Why not define that the rel attribut with the value "vote-for" has
> another meaning?

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