[uf-discuss] Mashup a Web page containing geo microformats with Google Earth?

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Thu Nov 2 12:37:38 PST 2006

Hi Folks,

(Bear with me if I am not using the right terminology)

This is a vision I have in mind ...

Suppose I have an ordinary HTML web page.  Embedded in the web page are
a number of geo microformats.  The web page has a link to, say, a
Javascript file.  When the web page is loaded in a browser, the
Javascript is automatically invoked and extracts all the geo
Microformats, mashes them with Google Earth, and then displays a Google
Earth map on the browser screen with dots at the locations where the
geo microformats indicated.

For a user who doesn't want a map display, he can receive the same web
page, but with a link to a CSS file, which displays the geo data in a
textual form.

Thus, the same data can be rendered in multiple different ways.

Has anyone done this kind of thing?  Care to share how you did it?


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