[uf-discuss] class="url"?

Siegfried Gipp siegfried at rorkvell.de
Sat Nov 4 23:15:02 PST 2006

Am Samstag, 4. November 2006 21:08 schrieb Scott Reynen:

> Right, so the class="url" is communicating something else: that this
> URL is /the/ URL for the surrounding vevent.  A vevent can contain
> several URLs that have little to do with the event itself, e.g.:
> <span class="location"><a href="http://www.argenthotel.com/">Argent
> Hotel, San Francisco, CA</a></span>
> So we need class="url" to know which URLs belong to the vevent, and
> which don't.
Hmmm, understood. Although i think any url within the surrounding vevent 
container should belong to the vevent. Or you may argue, that any link 
_directly_ contained in the vevent container belongs to that vevent, any 
other url contained in some container within vevent belong to that container, 
as in your example.

> There would probably be a better way to communicate that than
> class="url", since at first glance, it's redundant.  But because
> hcalendar is a 1-to-1 property mapping of vcalendar (to ease
> adoption), the property name URL in vcalendar became class="url" in
> hcalendar.
Ease of adoption is an argument :) Although i think in most cases it is still 

> "For the "PHOTO" property and any other property that takes a URL as
> its value, the href="..." attribute provides the property value."
Well, there you need the photo property, but not the url property, since the 
href implicitely _is_ a url. The src attribute of the img container as well. 
The href (and src and data) attributes imply a url, so it is redundant to add 
a "url" property. 

O.k. i can understand your first argument. So the property "url" does not say 
that here we have a url, but here we have _that_ url among several others. 
Hmm, sounds somewhat weird, but acceptable.


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