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Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Sun Nov 5 04:59:46 PST 2006

On Nov 5, 2006, at 3:21 AM, Chris Messina wrote:

> On 11/4/06, Siegfried Gipp <siegfried at rorkvell.de> wrote:
>> Am Samstag, 4. November 2006 23:08 schrieb Chris Messina:
>> > It might be useful to use 'alternate' as a class value however.
>> Good idea, since the alternate property is well established. But  
>> then, in
>> Scotts example, what does "alternate" mean? Any url in his example  
>> is no
>> alternate for the one and only primary url. All other urls are  
>> urls for
>> different purposes.
>> The alternate property might be useful f.ex. if you offer several  
>> different
>> contact infos for an event. So for example a http://... url for a  
>> contact
>> form, a mailto: address for the same purpose, and may be a postal  
>> address for
>> the same purpose. You might consider adding the alternate property  
>> to two of
>> them.
> Specifically:
> <div class="vevent">
>  <h1 class="name summary">Web 2.0 Conference 2006</h1>
> <abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-11-07">Tuesday, November 7,
> 2006</abbr> - <abbr class="dtend" title="2006-11-09">Thursday,
> November 9, 2006</abbr>
> <a href="http://www.web2con.com/web2006/"
> class="url">http://www.web2con.com/web2006/</a>
> <a href="http://upcoming.org/event/86254/" class="alternate">This
> event on Upcoming</a>
> </div>
> So there we have the official event URL and then an alternate URL that
> specfically pertains to the event but is not definitive. Seems useful
> to me and in the spirit of other uses of 'alternate'.
> Perhaps we should really use rel='alternate' in this case, but I'm not
> sure how I feel about that.
> Chris

I'm sort of jumping in late on this discussion, and probably replying  
to the wrong post by just a bit.

But on class="url" vs. being able to assume that a link in a hcard or  
hcalendar item is a valid url for that data item I don't think you can

I think action links are another case where url may not be  
appropriate on an anchor that may be associated with the block... add  
this event, edit this contact, block this user.

I think I've also seen this behavior desired quite a bit more with  
hcard then I have with hcalendar... where you will often have the  
hcard container element spanning a fair amount of textual content.  
Sometimes the footer element, sometimes some copy with URLs that  
really shouldn't be attached to the user directly, and sometimes just  
a lot of 'random' stuff (use case of the authors card in a footer  
wrapping other meta info like rel="license", links to the validator  
or software apps home page.. or even text linked keyword advertising  
links). Though that might not be the optimal markup, I would push  
back strongly against assuming any more meaning to a link that  
doesn't have any explicit attributes.

As for class="url" vs. class="alternate" I'm not sure the value in  
that vs. multiple instances of "url". Is there a parsing issue or  
translation issue into one of the external formats that this would  
help along? It sounds useful and certainly adds more meaning on the  
markup side, but I'm not sure how it helps once the item has been  
imported or extracted.

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