[uf-discuss] vote-for

Siegfried Gipp siegfried at rorkvell.de
Mon Nov 6 13:25:51 PST 2006

Am Montag, 6. November 2006 20:18 schrieb Ryan King:

> I think you missed how my two points interacted. It's not possible
> for us to define a semantic for rel="vote-for" which is different
> than semantic of rev="vote-for". Because of my point #1 above, this
> will only cause ambiguity. Due to point #2, we may paint ourselves
> into a corner and lose the ability to express the semantic that
> rev="vote-for" currently carries.

Indeed, this i do not understand.Why should a definition of rel="vote-for" 
have any negative effect (or any effect at all) on the definition of 
rev="vote-for"? These are two different attributes.

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