[uf-discuss] rel-hcard?

Adam Darowski adarowski at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 06:36:03 PST 2006

Hi all:

I just signed up for this list, as I've been reading more and more
about Microformats lately. I'm going to go ahead and throw my first
idea out there.

Pardon me if this came up before on the list. But I'm a bit worried
about what type of/how much data is being marked up in hCard.
Sometimes it seems to just be names, titles, and organizations. So,
when these are converted to vCard, it doesn't really provide true
*contact* information. So, I'm throwing "rel-hcard" out there. You
post someone's name and add a link back to their own personal site
(which THERE is marked up in hCard). On that link, you put a
rel-hcard. This also helps make sure that content is up to date.

Anyway, I wrote this idea up on my blog. I'd be thrilled if someone
wanted to take a look.

Much appreciated, and I love what this community is up to. Again, if
this has been talked to death before, feel free to send me to an
appropriate archive (I couldn't find any).


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