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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Nov 9 01:10:48 PST 2006

In message <CAB90245-434E-4E69-B9BB-881410FCB1A7 at lava.net>, Colin
Barrett <timber at lava.net> writes

>>> there has been no related-guidance prior to this email.  As sich I do
>>> not appreciate being chastized in a public forum for voilating your
>>> choice of how you would like things to be handled when your
>>>guidance on
>>> how to handle the situation was given in retrospect.
>> This does seem to be a regular occurrence :-(
>I'm not sure it's my place to point this out, but Andy, didn't you
>contact MicroFormat, Ltd., on your own?

You know I did, because I've already said so, here.

>Also, I don't see how this applies to your species proposal and that

It doesn't.

Did you have a point?

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