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>There have been a few hiccups that i am starting to uncover - so any
>guidance is welcomed.

>I'm not
>sure how they handle references in something like a newspaper where
>the article starts on page 1 and then jumps to page 43... that is not
>start-end, but a list of pages.

COinS (<http://ocoins.info/cobgbook.html>;
<http://ocoins.info/cobg.html>) handles that, as a character string.

Consider this possible solution:

   <span class="pages">
        <span class="start-page">45</span>, 46, 48, <span

A single- page article could be:

      <span class="pages start-page end-page">45</span>

or the absence of a "pages" class could be taken to imply that the
article runs continuously from the start page to the end page.

Remember that page "numbers" might not be numerical, but (in the case,
say, of an introduction or preface) use roman numerals or some other
scheme (COinS, op. cit.).

>I haven't outputted the accessed date

<pet peeve>
There's no such word as "outputted". Have you ever putted something in a
place, or did you just put it there?

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