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Mon Nov 13 18:41:22 PST 2006


Long time subscriber, first time writer.

Among other things, I collect wine; probably far too much for my own  
good. With a variety of wine selling services and vendor aggregators  
(eg. http://www.wineaccess.com/), amateur collector and review sites  
(eg. http://www.corkd.com/), and professional review sites (eg.  
http://winespectator.com/); I know I would personally find it useful  
to be able to easily extract and aggregate this information.

For instance, I'd love to be able to grab my favorite wines from  
http://calwineries.com/ and import them as wine in my collection on  
http://corkd.com/. And in the more distant future be able to use a  
search engine to locate what vendors have a wine, or what bloggers  
have said about it.

Am I off base here, or would it be worthwhile to proceed and document  
current wine markup practices?


Larry Halff
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