[uf-discuss] Advocacy, accessibility & Media Wiki voting

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Nov 14 11:21:17 PST 2006


I've added quite a bit to the Advocacy page:


in the last couple of days.

Requests have been submitted to some of the sites listed, though only
one has responded so far, the UK Government's Department of Trade and
Industry, who say:

        "At the moment we have no plans to use hCalendar or hCard coding
        due to unresolved concerns about accessibility issues
        (especially text-to-speech readers), however, we thank you for
        your suggestion."

I've also raised a "bug" for a feature request in Media Wiki (the
Software used by, among others, the Wikipedia family of wikis, and the
microformats 'wiki', asking for hAtom to be used in article histories.
You can vote for that bug:


though you may need to open an account first.

Andy Mabbett
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