[uf-discuss] Proposal: wine

James Jory james at scrugy.com
Wed Nov 15 09:48:03 PST 2006


I have been following microformats for the last year or so and just joined
here to start floating some ideas that I've been working on related to wine
and microformats.

I recently launched a wine information aggregation site
(http://www.scrugy.com) that, among other things, recognizes wine tasting
notes formatted using hReview on web pages and in RSS feeds. I've discussed
how this is implemented and other thoughts on my blog
(http://blog.scrugy.com). Of course http://www.corkd.com is already using
hReview (and Scrugy is aggregating those wine reviews) but I've recently
started spreading the word about the potential of wine & microformats with
folks in the online wine community (wine community sites, wine bloggers, and
so on). Let me know if you'd like to get involved.


At this point I'd like to begin proposing and documenting how wine
information and microformats can be used together. My question is what is
the best way to get this done? Since discussion would get very specific to
wine, would the microformats wiki be an appropriate place for this? Or would
it be better to start a new wine specific wiki where people from the wine
industry can collaborate on how wine & microformats can be used together. Of
course the wine specs would build upon and follow the microformat principles
but I'm thinking that a wine-specific site would be more effective at
promoting microformats within the wine community itself.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.


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