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Hi all.

2c from an infrequent poster...

It seems pretty clear to me that certain products have lots and lots of content written about them (book reviews, movie reviews, and wine reviews) whereas others do not (schnapps, for example).

For those areas where intense reviewing happens, there is always industry specific information that would be good to standardize. For example, movies always have a director. Wine (almost) always has a vintage.

To me, it seems useful to have a format dedicated to the description of wine, since there is so much wine information out there in the world. In the glorious future, it would be great to be able to use this information in a consistent way.

One caveat is that the microformats list may not a great place to find a ton of people to discuss the pros and cons of how to structure this information. The kinds of discussions you want to have are really specific to the world of wine (e.g., how do you characterize "Meritage"?)

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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't everything you both mentioned
> covered by the much more generic proposal for hListing [1]?
> If we were to go down the route of a wine µF, the next step would be
> beer, but then the real-ale types would want a real-ale one, and the
> lager people would want a lager one, and then there's vodka,
> whisk(e)y, schnapps, and I'm not even out of the alcomahols yet.
> We'd then have eleventy-billion different µFs, one for each and every
> possible type of product one person in the world is interested in, and
> then everything on the intertubes would be marked up differently and
> we may as well have just switched to XML and killed off all hopes for
> a common base for a semantic web here and now.
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