[uf-discuss] hThing microformat ... or design pattern

James Darling james at abscond.org
Thu Nov 16 15:06:14 PST 2006

I think the purpose of this is that it is vague. Or perhaps  
'Versatile' might be a more positive word.
I think it covers a lot of ground hListing covers (all of it?),  
however, I think what me and David are struggling with is it being  
stuck on items just for sale. I can imagine this being easily  
expandable to sub hItems, such as hWine. (at the risk of sounding  
like I'm waltzing in and turning everything upside down, I could see  
hLisiting as a subhItem)
One possible solution this could provide that has just popped into me  
head is you could store your Vinyl collection as hItems (delicious  
library plugin?). Throw in hcards and managing the collection during  
a divorce gets easier! I don't see hItems being suitable.

Ideas are only just coming into my head, but the idea of simply  
marking things as items excites me, and the more I think about it,  
the less problems I have with it.
But I'm still open to having my dreams dashed.

James Darling

On 16 Nov 2006, at 22:42, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <4684A244-3AC5-4F0A-85A0-28589A5EE19C at abscond.org>, James
> Darling <james at abscond.org> writes
>> I think to a certain extent, just marking an item as an item could be
>> quite powerful
> But what is an "item"? A physical object? A concept? A word? A
> paragraph?
> If anything, I'd work in the opposite direction; find common  
> properties
> which can be marked up, perhaps:
>         price (cf currency proposal)
>         colour
>         dimensions
>         weight/ mass
>         date (-range)
>         manufacturer
>         catalogue/ part number
> and then see which current or future microformats might use them.
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