[uf-discuss] Proposal: wine

James Jory james at scrugy.com
Fri Nov 17 05:57:05 PST 2006

Sam Sethi wrote:
> I own a wine importing company and have like you thought 
> about a wine microformat for sometime. I have done a little 
> bit of work on this. Maybe we could combine out thoughts and 
> submit a new microformat for review to this list? 
> Producer: hcard
> Location: geo 
> Description:   
> Grape
> Year
> Colour
> Taste etc

Sounds good to me. I'm interested. 

With the recent start of hItem, though, being able to represent a wine as an
hItem seems to have promise.


Should we combine efforts there or just focus on wine separately for now and
roll up our results as things take shape? 


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