[uf-discuss] Re: Exporting Hcard data

Michelle Tarby tarbymm at lemoyne.edu
Fri Nov 17 09:17:45 PST 2006

OK, I'm making progress - I wasn't passing any kind of ID, so that's why X2V would just spin away.

What I have noticed is that it looks like the vCard that's generated adds a bunch of extra commas, so I'm guessing I don't have my page formatted correctly.

<div  class="vcard">
<span class="n" style="display:none">
<span class="family-name"><%=rs("LastName") %></span>
<span class="given-name"><%=rs("FirstName") %></span> 
<div class="fn"><%= rs("FirstName") %>&nbsp; <%= rs("LastName") %></div>
<div class="title"><%= rs("Title") %></div>
<div class="org"><%= rs("Department") %></div>
<div class="adr">
<div class="street-address"><%= rs("Street1") %>&nbsp; <%= rs("Street2") %></div></div>
<div class="tel"><%= rs("Phone") %></div>
 <a class="email" href="mailto:<%= rs("SchoolEmail") %>"><%= rs("SchoolEmail") %></a>

I'm wondering if I'm confusing where to use div vs. span or if that makes a difference.  Any information would be appreciated!

>I'm pretty most of what goes through X2V is pulled from a database,  
>so that really shouldn't be an issue.  Can you give a URL for hCards  
>failing to transform with X2V?

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