[uf-discuss] Cite rev-reply

Eran limbo at actcom.co.il
Mon Nov 20 00:13:27 PST 2006

Mike said:
> I'm trying to figure out how best to use cite rev-reply in the case of
> replying to a commentor on a blog post.

Hey Mike,

Some blogs provide permalinks to comments so if possible I'd use that. I
believe that's usually done using an anchor, so something like the following
should work:

>         In reply to <cite class="rev-reply">
>         <a href="http://Example.com/your-blog-annoys-me#comment-3">
>         this post</a></cite>
>         by <a href="http://theRyanKing.com/"> Ryan King </a>.

In the specific case you mentioned, I think you can fudge using this url as
the target:


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