[uf-discuss] Custom Fields Microformat?

Aaron Gustafson aaron at easy-designs.net
Sat Nov 25 17:04:20 PST 2006

Stephen Paul Weber wrote:
> Creating 80%-or-more overlapping formats is evil.  XOXO can
> be made to do anything - and this most especially.  So you
> have to change the output code a tad more to apply it than you do for
> some other formats 
> - what does that hurt?  The resulting code is much better structured
> anyway... 
>   -- Singpolyma

I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at with XOXO.

I have re-read the specs based on your comment, looking for a connection, but maybe I'm missing something. Can you explain why you think a property-value grouping microformat would overlap with XOXO? It's not really an outline? I realize some instances make use of a list-based construct, but it could be natural language as well. Furthermore, it seems to me that your argument would nix any microformat that utilizes an (X)HTML list construct, which I think is extreme. And if someone thinks a property-value list is an appropriate XOXO, there's no reason they couldn't combine the two. I just see property-value filling a particular gap in terms of microformat extensibility, particularly for something like hProduct.

IMHO property-value doesn't appear to overlap 80%, or even 30%, with XOXO. Perhaps you could explain your resoning in a bit more detail?



Aaron Gustafson
Easy! Designs, LLC

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