[uf-discuss] copy-and-paste metadata prior art?

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Sun Oct 1 21:02:03 PDT 2006

> Hello, Bruce,
> Aren't there old X11 applications that used to copy-and-paste meta  
> data too?
> I think I remember using old SGI workstations in University that
> copied-and-pasted text with bolding and italicizing intact.
> See ya

In an application I developed in 1994-6, "Palimpsest" you could cut  
and paste the links (I called them "cross references") and  
annotations, which had rich meta data in them. You could "tag" links  
and annotations with "labels", links and annotations had creators,  
creation dates, etc. All this data was maintained when copying and  
pasting within the app.

You can still run Palimpsest on the Mac in Classic.



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