[uf-discuss] Marking Up Personal Profiles

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Mon Oct 2 01:10:33 PDT 2006

Michael MD wrote:
>> There are several problems with this:
>> * Service providers usually require you to pay before you can contact 
>> someone you've found or vice versa.
> Such sites usually allow you to browse user profiles for free, but expect
> you to pay to contact anyone so I think there is probably a need for a way
> to specify the cost and methods used to contact someone. 

There are formats being discussed for marking up currency.  hListing has 
the ability to markup prices, although I think it should be free to 
contact someone.  It would be if we had the ability to list profiles on 
our own sites (where we wouldn't be restricted by the contact info we 
can provide) and have them indexed by personals search engines.

>> The kind of information typically collected by these sites includes the 
>> following (some of which can already be handled by existing microformats):
>> ...
>> Other microformats that could be useful for integrating with this would 
>> include:
>> * rel-tag. e.g.
>>     <a href="..." rel="tag" class="gender">Male</a>,
>>     <a href="..." rel="tag" class="sport">Swimming</a>
> + what they are seeking

> What kind of people (if any) do they want to meet and what do they want to
> do together with the people they meet.
> Maybe there would be two lists of tags, one about themselves and one about
> what they are seeking.

I mentioned that in one of my previous posts.  hListing offers a way for 
specifying both a "meet" and "wanted" listing (among others).  "meet" 
could be used for your own personal profile and "wanted" for the profile 
of your ideal partner.

> We may also need to think about how to make it less confusing for something 
> that only looks at rel-tag - eg Someone may put "male" in a list about 
> themselves and "female" in a list of what they are seeking but come up as 
> both in something that can't separate the two lists of tags!

Yes, that problem is related to the rel-tag limitations I've been 

Lachlan Hunt

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