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On Oct 2, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <A919CF31-0EDC-4BB2-85B5-8BEC6CC7011F at lava.net>, Colin
> Barrett <timber at lava.net> writes
>>> Or the capacity to describe a polygon...
>> I call the 80/20 rule into effect here.
> Fine, I'm confident that more than 80% of countries, counties, towns,
> cities, gardens, parks, nature reserves, and industrial estates are
> polygons, and fewer than 20% are circles.

You could outline any territory as a series of geos if the need ever  
arose. But I'm still not clear how we've gotten here. If I want to  
say something is in Ireland, or Mexico City or somewhere in the Alps  
I'd tag it as such. I thought the original issue of accuracy was one  
of precision (either via tool measurement or in human recollection).

Not one of being able to define a "geo" that accurately represents  
the floorplan of Yankee Stadium or the whole of Antarctica but of  
accurately reflecting if a designation was accurate enough to make a  
determination if a specific seat in yankee stadium, "somewhere in the  
bleechers", or just "near the stadium as i was walking around before  
the game" or "i need to mark the bronx somehow so left me zoom out  
and drop a marker from the 50k foot view"

(Forgive me if I may have read more into the discussion due to my own  

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