[uf-discuss] History Microformat

Jeremy Boggs jeremyboggs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 13:07:03 PDT 2006

Hi List,

I thought it might be useful to move this to its own thread, instead  
of under the "dated-currency" thread. I hope that's ok.

>> i would be very interested in helping to explore a "history"  
>> microformat. In my spare time, I've been collecting examples of  
>> history timelines, after discussions a few months ago on this list  
>> about the inability of using hCalendar to mark up before common  
>> era dates, and other considerations for marking up historical  
>> dates and spans of time.[1] I've collected examples of uses of BCE  
>> dates and timelines in general, but I could easily expand the  
>> scope of my inquiry.
> Starting to collect these at history-examples on the wiki, and  
> making notes at history-brainstorming would be a useful start.

Thanks Kevin. I've created the history-examples page (http:// 
microformats.org/wiki/history-examples) and am currently populating  
it with my research. I hope that I'm doing this right, but will be  
glad to make corrections or changes if I'm incorrectly following the  


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