[uf-discuss] Re: Currency + Unit of measurement (Was: Currency+Product)

Guillaume Lebleu gl at brixlogic.com
Tue Oct 3 14:50:53 PDT 2006

Scott Reynen wrote:
> I think this is a good example of the benefits of modularization.  I 
> think all of these various measurements would be more useful if they 
> were more widely published, and I think the best way to get them 
> widely published is to keep them as separate microformats addressing 
> specific problems.  We'll end up missing the most important 
> information related to currency if we attempt an ocean-boiling 
> currency-and-everything-related microformat.
There are still 2 separate sections for measure and currency, and I 
intend to keep it this way. But it was useful to look at both right away 
to see how they could be used as modules.
> For example, two of the above examples have no markup indicating the 
> value of the price.  It doesn't do much good to know you're talking 
> about barrels of oil and US dollars if I don't know what the value 
> is.  I assume this was just an oversight, but it's the kind of 
> oversight we can avoid by keeping currency focused on currency and 
> relegating everything else to more specific microformats (e.g. 
> history, measurement, hListing).  $50 is $50 whether I'm spending it 
> on a barrel of oil or receiving it for an hour of work.
This was an oversight as I was focusing on the aspects at hand. It 
should have read:

<span class="price"><span class="value">25</span> (<abbr 
class="currency" title="USD">USD</abbr> <span 
class="unitdivider">per</span> <span class="unit" 

Although in some simple contexts, I don't think "value" is required.
<span class="price">25<abbr class="currency" title="USD">USD</abbr></span>

What do you think?


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