[uf-discuss] Live Writer and microformats

Conor O'Neill conor at argolon.com
Tue Oct 3 23:55:12 PDT 2006

I'm not sure if any of you spotted this as it was not part of the
original release notes but Windows Live Writer now has a plug-in which
allows you to insert hCalendar events in your blog posts. You can also
search for events in Eventful and paste them in and thirdly, Live
Clipboard now works from Eventful to Live Writer which is a fabulous
real world example of Live Clipboard and hCalendar.

I'm really impressed that MS have done this. Fingers crossed they start
supporting some of the other microformats. I wrote more about it over at
argolon.com and I originally saw it in a video interview that Jon Udell
did with Jack Ozzie and JJ Allaire over at


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