[uf-discuss] Potential Microformats

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Oct 4 12:05:46 PDT 2006

Someone asked me recently what other microformats might emerge, in the
future. Which set me thinking....


        A-Z index       (of a web site e.g.

        Site map

        Opening hours   (of a shop. library, restaurant, etc.)

        Timetable       (bus, train, airline etc.)

        Change-log      (software)

        Bug report      (software)

        Meeting agenda

        Meeting minutes

        Clothing item   (size, fitting, colour, material, etc.; could
                        then fit inside hListing)

        Vehicle         (make, model, engine size, mods, etc.; could
                        then fit  inside hListing)

        Weather forecast

        Computer Spec   (type (e.g. PC, mac, processor, memory, graphics
                        card, OS, installed software etc.; could then
                        fit inside hListing)

        To-do list

        Sky chart       ("Where can I see Orion"? "What can I see now,
                        from my home town? "When is the ISS passing
                        overhead, and on what track?" see

        Restaurant menu

        Song lyrics     (& poems?)

        TV Schedule listing

        TV/ film cast list/credits

Note that I'm not proposing, nor requesting any work be done on, any of
them (though don't let that stop you), but they do all exist in large

Anyone else got any suggestions?

Andy Mabbett
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