[uf-discuss] Potential Microformats

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Wed Oct 4 19:01:35 PDT 2006

Le 5 oct. 06 à 04:05, Andy Mabbett a écrit :
> Someone asked me recently what other microformats might emerge, in the
> future. Which set me thinking....

Be careful of the infobesity.

As in I see many microformats development on this list these days  
without any questions being first
	"What is the problem we are trying to solve for the user?"

I see a lot of
	"Let's create this microformat to grab the data from the user."
	"Let's recreate this format as a microformat."

If it has no direct benefits for the user, I do not see how it can be  
For now,  it is more useful for data mining marketing agencies, not  
for users.

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