[uf-discuss] Citation Microformat: LazyWeb for BibTeXperts

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 14:12:09 PDT 2006

Calling all BibTeXperts.

I have found a few free cycles here and there and have pieced together
the first of many XSLTs that will convert the Citation Microformat to
various other formats.

I have updated my Straw proposal slightly to avoid collisions with
class values and to bring it in line with other formats (e.g. hResume,
what was 'title' is now 'fn') i also added reference to using rel-Tag
as keywords.

Taking the implied schema, i began to create an XSLT that maps those
values to BibTeX. NOTE: this is NOT a 1:1 mapping of BibTeX, it is a
mapping of COMMON values in the wild to their BibTeX equivalents (or
atleast i think they are equivalent - some one will tell me otherwise
i'm sure). Eventually, there will be XSLTs to map between the
microformat and other citation formats through the Implied Schema.


So, now we can begin to "round-trip" data. I have marked-up a page or
two of my own and can convert that to a .bib file. The service is very
fragile, it isn't nearly as robust as the X2V, but this is still early

I am calling on LazyWeb to check the BibTeX output (i think there are
some know errors already). As well, i am asking a few people to take
the straw proposal values and mark-up some examples themselves and
test the output from X2C as input into BibTeX applications. In
BibTeX... are there REQUIRED properties? enumerated TYPES? The
Microformats only maps to about 50% of all the BibTeX properties, but
that should be over 80% of what people are actually publishing, so
there SHOULDN'T be any issues, but i can't tell unless people test and
let me know. Is the Straw proposal adequate? Is KEY required (can this
be accomplied with the ID attribute)?

There are two properties that the XSLT does not yet support that were
in the Implied schema. IDENTIFIERS (which is still under debate) and
Language, which i COULD pull from xml:lang="en" attribute, but does
bibtex want "English" or "EN", or should there be a class="language"
property? or both?


brian suda

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