[uf-discuss] Idea: beginners/getting started list

Chris Ball chris at rubal.co.uk
Fri Oct 6 03:11:32 PDT 2006

Frances Berriman said:
> Another thing I'd like to see (and this may exist, but I've missed
> it?) is a listing of formats that have been suggested and rejected for
> whatever reason.  It's fairly (barely) managable at the moment since a
> person can have a dig about in the mailing list for previous
> discussions - but as we grow as a community it's going to become
> difficult.  All we need is a page on the wiki listing what was
> suggested, with a link to the relevant thread on the mailing list
> perhaps.

Yeah, an archive of suggestions and discussions around them would be very
helpful, I should imagine. Having a quick look at the Microformats site, I
notice the only reference to any help (outside of discuss) is the 'Wiki'
link on the About page -- which, if you don't really know what a wiki
does, is a bit confusing. Maybe it's worth taking a tip from some of the
'Web 2.0'-style sites and changing the main site to use friendly, if basic
language ("Help" for wiki for example)

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