[uf-discuss] Re: Software Projects Description

Lachlan Hunt lachlan.hunt at lachy.id.au
Fri Oct 6 08:42:16 PDT 2006

Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 5 oct. 06 à 10:08, Stephen Paul Weber a écrit :
>> Software Downloads (license, download link, title, description, rating?)
>> Might actually start some research and suggest this soon.
> Already done. It's called DOAP
> http://usefulinc.com/doap

One thing that would actually be very useful for users on a download 
page is a way to markup a check sum (commonly MD5 or SHA) and 
semantically associate it with the file to be downloaded.  I couldn't 
find anything like that covered with DOAP.

MD5 sums are provided for downloads like Apache and PHP.  It would be 
useful so that the browser could take care of checking the file when it 
finishes downloading.  Presently, it requires too much manual effort for 
an average user to even bother figuring out how to check it.


Lachlan Hunt

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