[uf-discuss] Handling hCalendar event updates on clients

David Arango arango at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 09:04:31 PDT 2006


Yesterday I was on Molly Holzschlag's workshop on Fundamentos Web [1],
she talked a bit about hCalendar, and I remembered that I used the
fantastic X2V [2] to subscribe my google calendar to Fundamentos Web's
hCalendar [3]. I went to google calendar to see my event subscription
and it was outdated. Then, I tried to update my subscription, but I
had to delete previous versions of the events (it did not update my
events at all).

I think there is an important issue with hCalendar and unique ids
(UID) very few people are using UIDs on hCalendar markup ¿shouldn't it
become mandatory?

I'm also worried about recurring events ¿how do I track recurring
events if an event doesn't have an UID? (also, I did not found a
recurring event thing on hCalendar specification).

Onother thing I miss on hCalendar is a way to link different pages of
events, in web format we usually paginate event pages ¿how may I link
a calendar if it's distributed on 5 pages? ¿do I need 5 links?

Thank you for your patience with my english.

[1] http://www.fundamentosweb.org/2006/index.html.en
[2] http://suda.co.uk/projects/X2V/
[3] http://www.fundamentosweb.org/2006/programa/index.html.en

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