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>This gives me a chance to ask in a different way, why can we not assume
>type=USD, amount=5.99, and symbol=$ from the following?
>       The book costs <span class="currency" title="USD">$5.99</span>
>I believe you answer will be "what about unicode where we are not using
>[A-Za-z0-9] and if so, I would say that is when you add a symbol. In my
>example, <symbol> is the non-[A-Za-z0-9] character(s) *if* no symbol is
>explicitly specified. Can you give me an example where that would not

        yy <span class="currency" title="USD">$zz 5.99</span>

Where yy and zz are, say Japanese or Urdu characters (where zz might
mean, again for example, "approximately).

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