[uf-discuss] ANN: The Purpose of Microformats

Rob Unsworth rob at unsworth.net
Sun Oct 15 16:55:59 PDT 2006

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Costello, Roger L. wrote:

> Thanks a lot Tantek.  That's exactly the kind of feedback I was
> seeking.
> I have made a few changes (added a couple new slides, modified a few
> slides).  Please let me know if this now captures the "purpose of
> Microformats."
> http://www.xfront.com/microformats/Purpose-of-Microformats.html

As someone new to microformats and normally just lurking and learning I 
did notice, at least to me, a flaw in your slides. At the beginning you 
give examples using divs and spans and also an unordered list. 

It would be more understandable if the presentation was rounded off by 
having a similar microformat example as part of the conclusion.


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