[uf-discuss] Idea: beginners/getting started list

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Mon Oct 16 10:37:23 PDT 2006

On Oct 16, 2006, at 12:05 PM, Tantek Çelik wrote:

> I'd like to see some suggestions for the name of this new list.   
> Here is
> what I have so far:
>  * microformats-new (focusing on discussing "new" microformats)
>  * microformats-research (focusing on the essential, and often  
> overlooked by
> first-time proposers "research" phase(s) in the process)
> What I don't like:
>  * microformats-propose (it misses the point of the process, and  
> implies
> that there is a desire for microformats proposals - there isn't)
> Other suggestions for a new list name for this purpose?

How about microformats-process?  That's really what we're talking  
about with research of new microformats, isn't it?


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