[uf-discuss] hCalendar spec- no specification included!

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Oct 16 11:53:45 PDT 2006

In message <C1591595.7D90E%tantek at cs.stanford.edu>, Tantek Çelik
<tantek at cs.stanford.edu> writes

> If you can be specific about *which* pages, and what about them are
>hard to understand, that would be very helpful.

Here's a hint: most people new to hCalendar (some of them, it will
apparently come as a surprise to you, not bloggers) are likely to want
to know from what components an hCalendar consists of, before they read
your name twice, view two links to your day-job, or see you bigging-up
your friends; you appear to believe that the opposite is the case.

Neither are they likely to want to re-read a tedious and barely-relevant
essay on XML, complete with misleading advice.

BTW, I'm now asking you for the *fifth* time, to answer my question
about "species" examples.

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