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In message <C159279E.7D936%tantek at cs.stanford.edu>, Tantek Çelik
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>On 10/16/06 11:53 AM, "Andy Mabbett" <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
>>> If you can be specific about *which* pages, and what about them are
>>> hard to understand, that would be very helpful.
>> Here's a hint: most people new to hCalendar (some of them, it will
>> apparently come as a surprise to you, not bloggers) are likely to want
>> to know from what components an hCalendar consists of,
>That is very reasonable,

Then why did you revert my change from "Bloggers can both embed hCards
directly in their web pages..." to "People can both embed hCards
directly in their web pages..."

And why did you remove the list of hCalendar properties which I'd

>the right thing to do then is to add a section
>similar to the section in hCard which serves that purpose, *without doing
>any other changes*.

Who says that's the "right" thing to do?

>> before they read
>> your name twice, view two links to your day-job, or see you bigging-up
>> your friends; you appear to believe that the opposite is the case.
>Andy, please reread:
>for what my current thoughts are on section organization,

I could hardly have read that, before I made the changes which you
reverted, since you hadn't posted it then.

Having since done so, it's little better than what's there now, and
shows no regard for the convenience of new users. I would have thought
that we want folks new to microformats to feel welcome.

>rather than implying/inferring

Please learn the difference; then say which you mean.

>from a single instance.

I have not done anything, based on a single instance.

>As far as the default order of editor, author, copyright etc., I *strongly*
>recommend you read some W3C specs to get an understanding of what "typical"
>web standards specifications look like.

I already know what they look like, but thank you for attempting to
patronise me anyway.

I note also that what you refer to, on the uF wiki, as a
"specification", is no such thing.

Then again, neither was the new section which I created on the hCalendar
page, which you have removed.

>> Neither are they likely to want to re-read a tedious and barely-relevant
>> essay on XML, complete with misleading advice.
>Please note that specifications are not tutorials, and attempting to make
>them into tutorials is very bad for precision and interoperability.

Please note that I have neither claimed nor implied that specifications
are tutorials, and attempting to imply that I have is vary bad.

>If you have specific issues about the semantic XHTML section, please raise
>them in a separate thread.

I can no longer be bothered. Congratulations.

>> BTW, I'm now asking you for the *fifth* time, to answer my question
>> about "species" examples.
>I for one have not had the time to read through your species examples in
>order to answer your question.


>Perhaps consider kindly asking the list what the community as a whole thinks
>of your work on species

Since you specifically made the criticism, and you specifically
requested further evidence, I feel entitled to specifically ask you
whether the evidence I have since supplied has satisfied your specific

I note that you once again fail to answer that simple question..

>, but I ask that you first wait for the discussion of
>what new list to create for "new microformats" concludes.

You seem to be inventing new hurdles.

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