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I concur and wanted to email something similar, but I didn't want to be "the
messenger that was shot."  Thanks for interjecting!


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I've been reading with interest the discussion between Andy and Tantek and I
need to make a comment, take it for what it is my thought and nothing more.

Wiki Editing and Process:
As I understand it a Wiki is a site which allows users to add and edit
content collectively, but what this definition does not take into account is
understood practices and processes within the community using the wiki.

Just because everyone can edit a wiki page does not mean it's the best thing
to do and just because there is some lightweight processes in place does not
diminish from the value of having a wiki or an open community.

A wiki is a tool, that's it!  As far as I've seen the process involved in
the microformats community has been incredibly lightweight and overall very
cumbersome free.  Now if we have a simple understood process that once a
spec is in a fairly stable phase that if we want to add or edit it we should
talk to the nominal editor (or x) first I personally see nothing wrong with
that. We just need to communicate these understood norms which I think
Tantek has done quite well.

Tone Of Voice:
I have been a sideline observer to the conversations between Tantek and Andy
and as I am not involved I only have this to say... From my reading Tantek's
tone has not been objectionable.  It has been concise and straight to the
point which is the way many people treat email conversations.  In addition
while I have never met or spoken to Tantek but from reputation I understand
him to be an incredibly fair guy.  Indeed I have learned some things about
some of the processes that are implied in the community that I was unaware
of before and this has been quite helpful.

Any How,


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