[uf-discuss] Idea: beginners/getting started list

Joe Andrieu joe at andrieu.net
Mon Oct 16 22:08:39 PDT 2006

My thoughts on list re-organization:

microformats-process sounds like it would be about the microformats
/process/, which is generally fairly stable, even if newbies don't quite
understand it at first.

microformats-research reads like it would be about either researching
microformats or microformats for research, neither of which is quite what I
think we mean.

microformats-new seems to be pretty good, as long as it is clear it is for
new microformats, rather than people new to the community.  At some point,
uF in the "new" category need to be proposed, but it seams that sounds
problematic to some folks.  

But isn't that the heart of it?  Somewhere, we want to isolate the early
conversations about creating microformats. Eventually those conversations
must all be directed to the full community for final review, revision, and
approval, no?

[We could also isolate conversations for *newbies*, but that seems
counter-productive to a healthy community. Seems much better to keep the
main list newbie friendly with a place to go for details about creating new

My vote would go to microformats-new.

Also, I like the idea of opening -dev up.  It was surprising to find that
there is huge backlog of hopeful subscribers, who, in fact, have public
implementations.  Clearly the moderation mechanism is pretty overloaded.  I
for one, have been working on an implementation, but nothing about it has
been public until recently, and we still aren't saying much.  Although I'm
not sure I have much to add to the -dev conversation, I would like to lurk
as I'm sure it would help me understand the technical issues we will soon be
facing much better.



Joe Andrieu
joe at andrieu.net
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