[uf-discuss] hCalendar spec- no specification included!

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>others have
>said that they (think newbies would be) interested in authoring, not the
>specification and I concur.

I don't think anyone has said that. I certainly don't think people
should be encouraged to begin authoring before first understanding what
the are nad are not "allowed" to do (unless by "authoring" you mean
"fill in a form and let a machine do the authoring for you")

At the very least they should be given the option of reading the spec
before they begin authoring - as is NOT the case with hCalendar, at

>What if we use a convention that the entry page (i.e.
>http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard) would be an index into a list of
>(psuedo) standardized sub pages so that it would be very people to find what
>is important to them.

Reasonable, but it needs some content, so as not to appear dry and

> For example, is a list of potential sub pages:
>* Brainstorming (might be combined w/Discussion)

Once they standard is set, the brainstorming (and related examples) is
only of archival interest.

I note that your list does not include an explanation of Semantic

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