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Given that mF are based on convention, I think it first depends on
what people are discovered to already be doing. In fact, long ago I
argued for renaming hcard to hperson or some other more widely
meaningful class but was shot down owing to the formats foundation in

I wasn't necessarily wrong or right, but sticking to convention is an
easily platform on which to argue the use of one class/attr name over

With regard to your question, I think you start with convention, keep
it micro and then work to make the format as descriptive of the data
as possible, in a way that is, ideally, reusable and 'stackable'.
Ultra-long names, while possibly more accurate may actually prove less
readable in html and perhaps should be avoided.

I am interested, of course, in other interpretations.



On 10/18/06, Charles Roper <charles.roper at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is is considered better to have longer, easier-to-read, more
> descriptive, more semantically correct attribute values over shorter,
> more concise, bandwidth-saving ones?
> On small pages, a few extra bytes of HTML won't make a big difference,
> but on very large pages (in terms of markup), all those extra HTML
> classes and their uF values could pile on the KBs. I would argue that
> on-the-fly compression of HTML (mod_gzip, mod_deflate, PHP's zlib et
> al) is mature enough now to be considered a better solution for
> reducing page size over using shorter uF attributes. I would also
> argue that longer, more readable attributes are more in keeping with
> the uF goal of being for humans first, machines second.
> Here are some pros/cons off the top of my head:
> Longer attribute pros:
> More easily readable
> Less likely to be namespace collisions
> More sematically correct
> More precise
> Longer attribute cons:
> Uses more bandwidth, especially on larger pages
> More typing when authoring manually
> What do others think?
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