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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Oct 18 16:04:22 PDT 2006

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<b5d3b8c70610180449p3e10d71fwae034af48b180aa4 at mail.gmail.com>, Charles
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>Is is considered better to have longer, easier-to-read, more
>descriptive, more semantically correct attribute values over shorter,
>more concise, bandwidth-saving ones?

Its not the length, its what you do with it ;-)

As in all things, it's a matter of balance.

>I would also
>argue that longer, more readable attributes are more in keeping with
>the uF goal of being for humans first, machines second.

But where a short, possibly abbreviated, attribute name is
human-readable, then surely it's the better choice?

>What do others think?
>Charles Roper

Would I be right in thinking that it's gmail which is breaking your
sig-sep (the two dashes should be followed by a space, but are not)?

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