[uf-discuss] hCalendar spec- no specification included!

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 16:23:58 PDT 2006

> The point is there isn't necessarily one for a new spec. Until someone
> builds one.
No worries here.  I'm commited to doing this.  See my todo list.  Is
there any that are missing?

> So my point was I wouldn't see a generators/creators as the
> entry point for a microformat, that's all.

Ah, ok.

* Support Scanning
* Don't overwhelm with resources/text
* Provide strong scents for where relevant information lives.

> And sorry if I'm overstating that which everyone may already be agreeing on.

Building consensus and making sure we understand one another isn't a
waste of time.  But now that we all agree, let's please start taking
notes and mentally sifting through everything.  Do you think you can
do a refinement of your categories on the to-do list?  Can you also
enumerate the categories of content generally available on the wiki?

I'm thinking:
* Advocacy of Best Practices
( Do we really want to do this? there are other places that do this)
( Both general and specific to each format.  how do we present this?)
* Spec Materials
(Landing page, getting started, guides, and spec.)

Can we somehow fit all the content on the wiki into these areas? Would
it address the concerns on the wiki-feedback page?  Are there
categories missing?


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