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>forgive me if my example is not exactly what was proposed, but it
>should be equivalent in # of characters used). The following is 6
>       $54.97
>This is 151 characters (according to MS-Word's stats dialog):
>       <span class="money">
>               <span class="symbol" title="dollar">$</span>
>               <abbr class="currency" title="USD">
>                       <span class="amount">54.97</span>
>               </abbr>
>       </span>

My proposal was for:

        <span class="money">
                <abbr class="currency symbol" title="USD">$</abbr>
                <span class="amount">54.97</span>

which is smaller (110 characters, without indentation) and correctly
uses "USD" as the expansion of the "$" abbreviation; though I don't
dispute your general point.

Note, BTW, that only 7 of those 110 characters are expended by using
" symbol"; fewer if "sign" is substituted.

Of course, adding the outer "span" pair may be unnecessary if, for
example, the figure is in a data-table cell.

But they're "disingenuous", apparently.
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