[uf-discuss] Who owns your user page?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Oct 18 18:20:43 PDT 2006

I've been blocked from editing the Wiki, for reverting changes made by
another user, to comments expressing my personal views, on MY user page.

I'd asked the person concerned , in previous edit summaries, to desist
from putting words into my mouth, but they'd ignored that.

Their edit summaries simply said, on each occasion:

        Reverted edit of AndyMabbett, changed back to last version by

The reason given for blocking me - and the block was made by the same
person who had been reverting my page - was:

        excessive reverts of more precise changes and documentation - 24
        hour cooling off

Yet I made one *less* edit to restore my version, than the other editor
made to impose theirs.

Recently Wikipedia was cited as a model for the way this wiki should

On Wikipedia, a user may revert their own user page as often as they
like; anyone else attempting to edit another user's user-page in that
fashion would be the one to be blocked, long before the five reversions
that were made to my page by the other user, in this case.

On Wikipedia, any administrator who blocked someone with whom they had
been involved in an "edit war", or who tried to repeatedly edit another
user's user-page, would be liable to loosing their admin. rights.

Everyone should be aware that their own, personal views, on their own
user pages are capable of being taken over in this way.

Andy Mabbett
                Say "NO!" to compulsory ID Cards:  <http://www.no2id.net/>

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