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In message <45373222.9010703 at charlesroper.co.uk>, Charles Roper
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>I raised the point, as you no doubt know, in response to the Species
>brainstorming on the wiki [1]; specifically this:
>Should "bin", var", "cult", etc., be written in full? (I think not, to
>save bloating file sizes)
>These abbreviations are absolutely fine within the very narrow domain
>of biological nomenclature and taxonomy,

Which is where they are, whenever they're inside a tag-pair with
whatever parent-class we decide upon.

Though I can see that  "bin" and "var" might conceivably be used as
classes by other tools; and so are probably best avoided.

I'll edit and update my straw-man proposal accordingly, in due course.

> but expanded out into the wider domain, then they become horribly
>generic and lose their meaning. Same with using "sci".

And yet we have "geo".

>> Would I be right in thinking that it's gmail which is breaking your
>> sig-sep (the two dashes should be followed by a space, but are not)?
>It's Thunderbird that's doing it; it inserts the dashes, but not a

That's surprisingly lax for the Mozilla organisation.

> Is a space required, then?

Yes. I think the idea is that it's a combination of characters unlikely
to appear in normal text.

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