[uf-discuss] hResume - Marking up experience and "present" date

Jeremy Boggs jeremyboggs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 16:49:27 PDT 2006

> IMO it implies that you were employed during those times, I'm not  
> sure whether it implies you're *not* employed after the DTEND...

This, IMO, seems problematic. From a human point of view, people  
would probably understand that <abbr title="20061017"  
class="dtend">present</abbr> mean that I'm still employed at that  
position, and looking at the web page, would see "present" and know  
I'm still employed there.

But, from a machine or parser point-of-view, it does provide a  
specific end date for the event/position in question. This would also  
raise a question of integrity about DTEND in general, if you can  
imply that the date value of a DTEND is not necessarily the end date  
of an event.

Looking a little more closely at the example hResumes available*, I  
found seven different ways folks are marking up "present" or "current:"

1. Not using DTEND or an abbreviation for present at all: [1]
<li><abbr class="dtstart" title="2001-01-01">2001</abbr>–present</li>

2. Using DTEND, and using a specific end date that is not the current  
date, but is a date in the past: [2]
<abbr class="dtstart" title="2005-03-27">March 2005</abbr> - <abbr  
class="dtend" title="2006-06-13">present</abbr>

3. Using DTEND, and using a specific date that is the current date [3]
<abbr class="dtstart" title="2003-06-01">Jun 2003</abbr> - <abbr  
class="dtend" title="2006-10-19">Present</abbr>

4. Using DTEND, and using a specific end date that is not the current  
date, but is a date in the future: [4]
<abbr class="dtend" title="2010-07-10">present</abbr>

5. Using "present" as the value for the title attribute (but no  
class="dtend"): [5]
<abbr class="dtstart" title="2002">2002</abbr> - <abbr  

6. Wrapping "present" in an <abbr class="dtend">, but not using a  
title attribute to give a date: [6]
<abbr class="dtstart" title="2004-11">November 2004</abbr> to <abbr  

7. Using title="20061232" for the DTEND value: [7]
<abbr class="dtstart" title="20030101">2003</abbr> - <abbr  
class="dtend" title="20061232"> Present</abbr>

And, I hope folks know that I'm merely citing these resumes to figure  
out what has already been tried, and certainly not to be critical of  
these specific folks :) But I hope it helps as a starting point to  
figure out what has been tried, what is problematic (or not) about  
what examples that exist, and how we should go from here.


* http://microformats.org/wiki/hresume#Examples_in_the_wild
[1] http://ben-ward.co.uk/cv
[2] http://www.commoner.com/~lsimon/lindsey_simon_resume.html
[3] http://portfolio.jonnay.net/cv/
[4] http://adrem.ua.ac.be/~wlepage/curriculum-vitae/
[5] http://www.kelleychambers.com/resume
[6] http://www.3color.org/~kwilson/resume/kenneth-wilson.html
[7] http://www.brandi.org/ralph/resume/

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