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The community is the closest thing to "law" and there are no "final
rulings" per se as implementation and real-world adoption speaks
louder than any centralized authority.

For more on the process, please review:


And how's about that request for a beginner's list that was put forth
recently? :)


On 10/21/06, Alex Piner <alexpi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Could there be  a microFormats and Semantic Web mailing list for a
> clear channel of such topics, as it seems to be diretly related (in an
> indirect way)?
> Where can I find out about the "Governance" of Microformats?
> How specs are created, how final "rulings" are decided, etc, if Tantek
> is the Law?
> thanks
> infoKhan
> http://spreadthesemanticweb.com
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