[uf-discuss] Size considerations and other property-names for "species"

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sun Oct 22 09:28:45 PDT 2006

I've updated the "straw-man" proposal for "species" [1], to reflect the
consensus not to use these abbreviations:

        var     (variety)
        bin     (binominal)
        cult    (cultivar)
        cname   (common name; "common" used, instead)

but what about these:

        subsp   (subspecies)
        subvar  (sub-vareity)
        cultgp  (cultivar group)
        vgroup  (vernacular group)

Other outstanding naming issues are:

        class   should this be "taxoclass" or "classis"?

        an indicator of type, e.g. for bees, "queen" or "worker" (if

[1] I've also included a note that the final name of the uF is likely to
be "biota" or "taxon", since species isn't apposite, but it's easier for
everyone if we still call it "species" for the time being.

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